Wedding Photography Tips

wp2Important Tips

Study the Location
Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you must study the location of the wedding in advance. At times, there may be more than one location. Know how these locations will appear at different times of the day. You can even ask the couple to visit the location along with you for some test shots. This will give an indication about the final results.

Ensure You Shoot with Enough Light
If it’s indoors, ensure there is enough natural light filtering through the windows and doors. In the outdoors, you need to think about harsh sunlight. Harsh sunlight is something that will definitely not flatter your pictures. It casts deep shadows on the subject, which gives a bad effect. Note the time of the event in advance. The evening light will give a soft look to the pictures.

Try Variations in Angles
Standing in one spot and clicking pictures will only give you boring results. Be a little bold and try various angles even if it means you would have to stand in various awkward positions! The key

Tips for Buying a Webcam

$T2eC16dHJGQFFh4pBRZoBSQFufc-M!~~_321. Buy Based on Hardware
Based on what they are going to be connected to, webcams can be differently designed. Most laptops nowadays have a built-in webcam but older laptops and some budget models do not. So for laptops, the webcam has a clip to clip on a thin frame, which is the laptop screen. But for desktops, a webcam stand is used to showcase the webcam and is designed, such that a wide and better image is captured. The stand should be designed to sit properly on flat surfaces. This is needed in case of CRT monitors, where the webcam cannot be clipped on and is too heavy to place on the monitor itself. Laptop webcams are designed with portability in mind, so their frame is lighter and more compact. However, many do not allow tilting and panning but this feature is present in most desktop models.

2. Check for connectivity
USB, Firewire and parallel ports are the 3 possible ports that a webcam will connect to. Any recent computer has a USB port, so your computer should ideally connect

Point and Shoot Photography style of photography isn’t what it sounds like; well not all of it. You can’t just point at any image and start shooting them. Of course, there are times when people don’t really care about the angles, lights, different modes on the camera, or any particular features on the camera. However, I would ask you think again about that. A photograph stays with us for decades, sometimes through many generations. They can speak louder, better, and more clearly than any words spoken. Then why would you subject yourselves to plain and boring images? If you want to be a good photographer and wish to capture all the events in your life properly, even if it is with a point and shoot camera, go through this beginners photography guide for helpful tips and techniques to get the right picture.

As a good photographer, you should always keep in mind that the number of pictures don’t really matter. The quality, theme of the picture, and your creativity is what counts. In the following article, we have laid down some basic, yet essential

Beginning Photography Tips

Beginning Photography Tips #1 – Fill the frame

One of the reasons that many people are not satisfied with their pictures is the fact that the subject is so distant within the frame of the photograph that is difficult to see them. In such cases, the subject is typically lost within the scene.

The following beginning photography tips will help you to fill the frame with your subject and create far more interest:

1. Use your optical zoom lens. This is a great way to achieve close-up shots.

2. Move closely in order to make sure you are positioned as effectively as possible to achieve a close-up shot.

Beginning Photography Tips #2 – The rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most important beginning photography tips you should be aware of in order to achieve good results. Some digital cameras today have the ability to place a 3×3 grid over the scene which can help this process. Even if your camera does not have the ability; however, you can image the grid, divided by width and length.

Your subject should ideally be placed on the intersection of

8 Indoor Portrait Photography Tips

Photography Tips #1 – Background

To begin, position your subject to be sited in front of a light absorbing black velvet. The velvet creates a black background for your photo shoot. As to support the velvet, you can use about anything to hold it up. A bookcase for instance, is good enough.

Photography Tips #2 – Lighting Tips

After your model is comfortably sited, adjust the lamp so that it is positioned just slightly above his/ her head. Also, have the lamp positioned towards the right side of your model. This light setting will create a classic and stunning portrait photography result.

There are many other lighting effects you can try out. So go wild with creativity and don’t limit yourself.

Photography Tips #3 – Fast Shutter Speed

Set your shutter speed to be relatively fast. I normally set my camera to 1/160 sec at f/2.8, ISO500. Also, it is advisable that you use a tripod to complement your photography.

Photography Tips #4 – Use A Tripod

The tripod will get rid of camera shake, hence refrains from ruined indoor portrait photographs. The indoor portrait photos produced will be sharp

Tips to Buy a Video Projector

Video Projector Buying Tips

Manufacturer or Make
There are hundreds of manufacturers these days, and that makes the task of choosing one that much more difficult. To help you make an informed decision, here is some information that will simplify the whole process; manufacturers don’t make the parts themselves, they always pick up parts from other manufacturers, so it can be fair to say that most projectors will have similar components from common manufacturers. Read reviews from magazines and websites that specialize in technology. It is always good to do some research before you buy a high-end product, and if it’s a digital projector then it is going to cost you some big bucks. Also look for companies and manufacturers that offer warranties and support. Some of the most popular brands are Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp, and Epson.

There are different types of technology, but the most popular are LCD and DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology. DLP technology uses tiny mirrors to reflect light on to the screen. A DLP projector is expensive and best suited for corporate use. If you want one to use at home, then the LCD technology is best and more cost-effective.

The resolution is

Photography Tips for Beginners

First and foremost, if you’re an amateur, don’t go for the expensive camera immediately. Get a decent camera and practice on it first, set your hands on that camera before progressing to the new and expensive one. Amateur photographers need practice and that can be done on a less expensive camera. You will discover and learn about photography and know which camera to upgrade to instead of buying a random overpriced camera.

Use a Tripod

If you have shaky hands, buy a tripod, not necessarily a pricey one. It will ensure that you get good and unshaken pictures. For better stability, use the timer function when on tripod, as it will give you the best results. If you’re learning photography and want to grab every opportunity to click versatile pictures, carry your camera with you at all times. Good opportunities come unexpectedly, because you never know what you may see. If you know a location where you can go back and click the picture, note it down and take you camera and tripod next time you are there (you can make a list of what to carry such as your tripod, flash, etc.).

Photograph Different Objects and Elements

Do not ignore regular

How to Buy the Best Digital Camera


  • Know the reason or the purpose behind this purchase. Do not fall for the trap of flashy advertisements and big discounts. The digital camera could be needed for professional reasons or could be purely personal. If your reasons are professional, know whether it would be for indoor or outdoor photography. You could be into portraits, landscapes, nature or fashion photography. Would you be using it more in bright light or low light? The size of the camera also holds importance, as it should be easy to carry.
  • Next, you have to decide whether you will be printing the shots. If so, determine the size of the prints. Would you be requiring large shots or normal prints? Larger images need a higher resolution. The purpose of the purchase would in turn help you to know the resolution you would require.
  • Make a check whether you already own any compatible gear for the camera. Make a comparison with the gear available with various models and what you have at home. You might already have certain lenses, batteries, flashes, and filters. Ensure you do not spend extra on the purchase of such items.
  • By trying some

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography became a possibility with the invention of the hot-air balloon, the airplane, and the camera. Two early pioneers were Nadar and Fred Zinn, two separate individuals in separate periods of time. Nadar, in 1858, became the first person to take aerial photographs. A keen balloonist, he navigated his hot-air balloon over Paris, took photographs of the city and began a successful business selling the photographs to the general public. Fred Zinn was an aviator during the First World War, who flew first with the French ArmĂ©e de l’Air, then with the American Lafayette Escadrille, and then with the U.S. Army Air Service. He began taking aerial reconnaissance photographs of enemy positions while out on bombing missions―hot-air balloons were already being used for reconnaissance photography, but Fred Zinn’s photographs, taken from his plane while flying directly overhead the enemy lines and sometimes swooping down low, were much clearer and detailed. Fred Zinn was decorated by the French government for his enterprising spirit and bravery.

People got along well enough before aerial photography arrived on the scene, but, once it had, it became a matter of ‘Well, if you could invent it, we can find some use

How to Hire an Architectural Photographer

You must personally interview them on a one-to-one basis. Try to visit their studio to understand about the equipment and resources available with the photographer. This will help in deciding whom to hire. It is always a good idea to get referrals. Do not forget to check the previous work of the photographer. Apart from this, check online reviews about his service. Here is a list of things to consider while hiring an architectural photographer.

One of the best ways to choose the right architectural photographer is to refer to architectural, furniture, and interior decor magazines, catalogs, and brochures. In all probability, the photographer who has clicked the images will be credited (mostly at the bottom of the page). Such images speak volumes about the photographer’s skills and aesthetic sense. You can always contact the magazine or use the Internet to get in touch with the photographer.

You can read client reviews of photographers on various websites like BBB, Yelp, etc. Such reviews will provide an insight into the actual work experience of the photographer and not just his photos. If a photographer has a ‘not-so-good’ BBB rating, you will also be able to read about

Birthday Party Photography Tips

A birthday is the perfect kind of occasion that begs you to click pictures. But it is of no use if you are going to click boring pictures where everybody is simply looking at the camera and smiling mechanically. Photography is about capturing emotions, sentiments, feelings and moments. How do you do that? I am here to tell you exactly that!

Birthday Party Photography Tips

1.for a Child’s Birthday Party

Children love playing. They are completely devoid of inhibitions and when they are having fun, they are having FUN! They are going to jump, run, play, dance, eat, and OMG! Did that little boy just kiss your girl on her cheeks? LOL. Kids really do all the things that birthday parties are made of. So make sure you are ready with your camera to click as many pictures as you can! You can get some really cute snaps when they are playing games. Their faces are going to be livid with expressions, so make sure you capture those moments. If it is a birthday party with a theme, like say Super-heroes theme for a boy, or Princess theme for a girl, then have something like

Essential Photography Tips for Capturing the Golden Hour

When Is The Golden Hour?
The golden hour is the first and last hour of sunlight in a day. Check the sunrise and sunset times in your city to make the best of the precious hour.
Golden light photography is like being dealt a pair of aces in a game of Texas hold ’em. It’s a great hand, but you still have to raise the stakes to rake in some real moolah, you have to be careful not to go overboard with your bets and mess it up, and the five community cards can still mess up the hand of your life.

The golden hour is (approximately) an hour after sunrise and before sunset, and this time can vary from region to region. The light during this period is ideal for amateur photography, and a very helpful natural aid for the pros.

Photography is all about light and the best ways to manipulate it. In a studio setting the photographer is in full control of the lighting, and can determine just how ‘fresh’ the latest aspiring model would look. Nature, on the other hand, is a fickle mistress, and your best-laid plans can be ruined by the slightest of showers

Aerial Photography Tips and Tricks

General Tips for Aerial Photography

Both DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras can work fine for aerial shots. However, DSLRs allow more options for adjusting shutter speed, aperture, white balance, etc. A zoom lens will ofter more versatility and quality in the pictures. To get the best images when using a point-and-shoot, be sure to use only optical zoom and not digital to prevent shakiness caused by the buzzing aircraft.

Look for sunlight depending on the time and the kind of effect you need. Overcast skies will give you soft light and shadows, while clear skies at noon will give you brighter light with lesser shadows. This usually takes some practice before you can judge when the daylight will be optimal to shoot the object in the way you like.

Weather is important for all aerial shots, as all aircraft and drones are vulnerable to bad weather. Also, you may have to look for weather components such as fog and mist, which can either add or detract from your image. For most images, however, a clear dry sky is preferred.

Filters are rarely needed for aerial photos as they just tend to reduce picture sharpness. Use

Underwater Photography Tips and Ideas

Underwater photography is about unveiling a world that exists beneath the deep seas. To master this art, one would need to be an excellent swimmer and know the latest deep-sea diving techniques. It requires the use of special photography equipment and also an eye for detail. It offers numerous challenges and provides a whole new world of opportunities to the photographer. Apart from being highly skilled in swimming, an underwater photographer must also be mentally prepared to face all the challenges he/she faces in the deep waters. Unavoidable natural circumstances may occur wherein the photographer may have to rely on his instinct and attitude to squirm out of a tricky situation.

For this kind of photography, one must always remember that the medium the light travels through is not air, but water. The main thing to watch out for by an underwater photographer is to maintain the balance of color and contrast. The subjects available can vary from the marine life to coral reefs, underwater caves, and shipwrecks. Every plunge in the roaring waves will reveal new subjects and landscapes to capture.

You would also require the latest equipment. The cameras should primarily have the sea mode, land

Editorial Photography Tips

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and photography serves as the perfect medium for these words. The beauty of a photograph is the fact that it isn’t merely another piece of art or some random words put together, in fact every single photograph is a moment forever preserved in time. Photography finds its place and is very much an integral part of many an industry, right from toy makers using it to sell their products, to super luxurious car makers selling their top cars. Photography isn’t just restricted to selling a product, but can also be a very powerful tool in trying to convey a message or to add to a message.

Editorial Photography

Photography which is not aimed at selling a particular product or intended to advertise anything commercial is called editorial photography. This field is rather vast and spans across almost all topics imaginable, right from still photography aimed at adding to the appeal of any literature or poem, to medical photography which tries to explain some rather serious matters about health. These photographs could either speak entirely for themselves, or, as they are often used, may be used to better portray a subject.They could

Wedding Photography Tips

You wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and one that usually takes much planning. It is the day when you will celebrate your love and marriage. You can never do too much planning when it comes to wedding photography. You want to capture the essence of that perfect day in a manner that befits your personal style.

Today, brides and grooms are interested in infusing some of their own unique style into their wedding photographs. With the advent of the Internet, choosing a photographer has become a lot simpler. Today, photographers are able to showcase their creativity and talents online, and you can go through their galleries to search for a style that caters to your needs.

Here are a few wedding tips that will ensure that this very special day will give you enjoyment that lasts for a lifetime through the pictures that it produces:

  1. The most important tip of all is to be careful when you choose your photographer. He or she should be able to capture the message you are hoping to convey through photography. Make sure that you are able to look at samples of your

Tips to Choose the Best DSLR Camera

There are a number of reasons why someone would want to shift to using a DSLR from a point and shoot digital camera. These reasons could range from wanting to get better image quality in your pictures to having the option of manual controls. Also, with photography becoming a more affordable hobby since the advent of digital cameras, it has also drawn more people towards it. After achieving a level of proficiency with digital cameras, most amateur photographers would want to use DSLRs. But how do you choose the best DSLR for beginners and what are the factors that need to be kept in mind? In this article, we give you tips that will help you choose out the best device fit for your needs.

Choosing the Best DSLR

Without beating around the bush, let us take a look at those factors that will help you decide which is the best DSLR for the money that you are spending on it. All the different features that you need to look out for in a camera to indulge in your interest of photography are listed out below.

One of the most important factors to consider while buying a camera is what

Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

So, you’ve finally bought your first digital camera? Congratulations! You’re probably excited and you’re wondering where you could find some digital photography tips to help you great photo results. A good advice, however, to digital photography beginners is that you need to practice. You need to get out there and get those pictures! The earlier you make mistakes, the earlier you’d learn how to really take great pictures.

What are the mistakes that photography beginners make?

Mistakes on digital photography are natural. Beginners would make mistakes that would waste a lot of shots. So, it is wise to read some digital photography tips that would help you avoid the mistakes that beginners typically make. But what are these mistakes?
The first mistake that beginners usually make is putting too much images in one picture. The whole picture becomes one messy unfocused picture. You’d find different subjects in one photograph. This is not fun to look at. It’s confusing so people would not really want to look at it.

Another mistake that beginners usually make is not bothering to create more artistic and focused photos. The picture need not be center-oriented. The goal is to create

Digital Wedding Photography Tips

Digital Wedding Photography Tips #1: Getting the Shot without Disturbing the Service

One of the most important digital wedding photography tips that should be observed is how to make sure you achieve the shot without actually disturbing the ceremony. First, you should always make sure the sound on your camera is turned off.

Nothing disturbs a ceremony more than the sound of a digital camera. In addition, make sure you time your movements with other activity during the ceremony so that you can achieve the boldness you need to get the right shot without being obtrusive.

Digital Wedding Photography Tips #2: Being Prepared

Being prepared when taking wedding photographs is always important but it is even more so when using a digital camera. You will need to make absolutely sure you have an adequate number of batteries. Batteries tend to drain quickly and you do not want to find that your battery has run out of power before the end of the event.

Memory is also another critical element that should be observed. Make sure you bring enough memory cards with you.

Digital Wedding Photography Tips #3: Types of Photos


Top Digital Wedding Photography Tips

When you are looking into beginning a digital wedding photography career, there are a variety of different tips that you may want to consider too become a great wedding photographer.

First of all, you are going to want to consider the locations that are available in your area. Knowing what locations you have been available to get the best perspective for the couple is a great plus. You will also need to be sure that you are aware of places that you can position yourself during the ceremony, reception, and the formal shots as well. There are times that you may have to have the couple come with you to these locations so that you can take a few test shots.

You should also consider creating a list of the various shots. It is important that to a successful shot to know when and where the couple would like their shots to be taken. You need to be sure that you write down from beginning to end where each of these shots should be taken. Part of what you are getting paid for is the ability to create digital pictures to capture their special day. You